This book is not for the weak-hearted. This book is only for the player, coach, parent, and person with the courage to dream. The question is...will it be you?


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Mike Landis

Senior Director of Player Development | Baseball Factory

“Modern Athletics has been starving for CJ Beatty. Baseball/Softball players especially. The amounts of information, technique is so overly saturated no-one truly knows the main piece to improving as an athlete and more importantly a person. CJ empowers his athletes to find that main piece, self-accountability. Pushes them to own their strengths, weaknesses, their work ethic to push them to obtain all the goals they set throughout life. He knows the ins and outs of the game as well to make him a true gem. To be accountable to the process of personal and team growth. He is the perfect storm for what young athletes need, someone to allow them to own who they are, who they want to be and guide them on that journey.”


Tony Reagins

Former General Manager of Angels

"CJ continues to bridge the gap with this powerful read. This book will impact the lives of young people for many years to come."


Willie McGee

St. Louis Cardinals HOF

"While having a chance to work along side CJ in professional baseball I got a chance to get to know him closely. He is a great communicator and one of the best motivational speakers of today. I know this book will be a very good read and a top seller."


Steve Springer


"After reading CJ‘s book you will be a better player coach or parent for reading it."


Anthony Lapoce

Hitting Coach; Chicago Cubs

"I heard CJ speak at the Mohegan Sun Coaches Convention. I lost track of time and was almost late for my own presentation. CJ is engaging, truthful, and powerful. I use his ideas daily with my players. This book will not only help you improve as a person, but it will help you impact others in their lives."


TC Calhoun

Pro Scout; St. Louis Cardinals

"CJ's passion is contagious. His knowledge and explanation of the mental game is top in the industry. This book will make you a better person, athlete, and teammate."


Tom Walters

Head Coach; Wake Forest University "CJ Beatty has unparalleled passion, enthusiasm and love for our game. His journey is a testament to what you can accomplish when you dream big and put the work in. This is a must read for sure."


Rich Pasquale

Amateur Scout; Philadelphia Phillies "Coaching CJ in pro ball was exciting & fun to watch. He stayed consistent with routines at the ballpark and displayed tremendous work ethic. As a scout, I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to take their mental game to the next level."